The MAT(해외배송)

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The MATTM is a valid and evidence-based tool that allows you to collect meaningful, reproducible, quantitative data. This data allows specific treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programs to be developed and tailored to each individual patient or client. This data will provide you with accurate baseline measurements to evaluate the success of your intervention and monitor a patient or clients progress over time.

The MATTM helps you move beyond traditional assessments by allowing movement to be assessed, as it should be, in upright tasks and functional movements using the latest evidence-based tests, including:

Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT)

Y-Balance test (YBT)

Weight Bearing Lunge Test (WBLT)

Hop + Jump tests

Squats tests

Lunge tests

Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test (CKCUET)

Upper Quarter Y-Balance Test (UQYBT)

Star Excursion Sitting Test (SEST)

Standing Long Lump

and many, many more Functional Performance Tests

Designed by Movement Assessment TechnologiesTM to help you improve your assessment by allowing you to quantitatively assess all three-dimensions of any functional movement that your patients and clients need to perform to achieve their individual needs, wants and goals.

Reproducible and reliable data is necessary to help you make unbiased decisions on your patients or clients health status and to help with clinical decision making about whether those you work with are safe to begin training, return to work, the sporting field or complete the basic activities in their daily lives.

Objective data that you gather with The MAT is also extremely important to help communication between yourself, your patient or client, other health and fitness professionals and third-parties who oversee and pay for your patients or clients sessions.

Purchase one today and join thousands of health and fitness professionals around the world improving their assessment using the MATTM

Dimensions: 200cm x 60cm

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