모션가이던스 청각피드백 레이저 센서(해외배송/클리니컬킷과 함께 구매)

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모션가이던스 시각피드백장비와 함께 사용하는 청각피드백장비 입니다. 추가로 시각피드백효과도 있습니다. 

The Motion Guidance Motion Sensor is an electronic sensor that can alert a user with both audible and/or visual signals when the target is hit with the Motion Guidance laser pointer visual feedback tool. This sensor is compatible with all RED colored Motion Guidance lasers. Add engaging cues to your clients in rehab and enhance body positional awareness skills with this device. Add skill, enhance motivation and fun during rehab sessions!

  • Battery Operated (9-Volt battery included, an additional option for universal 9-Volt DC charger, not included)
  • Audible and Visual Alarm, each can be turned on or off
  • Adjustable Wall Mount Included



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