레드 재충전가능한 모션가이던스 레이저(해외배송/클리니컬킷과 함께 구매)

180,000 160,000

2개 재고


This is our most advanced laser system. The laser pointer offers reinforced suction adjustable mounting, is rechargeable by wall or USB, and also offers a remote on/off switch. The user or therapist can add and remove visual feedback, as well as check joint positional awareness by adding and removing visual indicators of joint position! Allow both the client and therapist to have more control over adding and removing visual cues during movement drills, remove feedback once the client’s performance indicates, and re-assess quickly by adding it back in randomly for real-time feedback.


모션가이던스 클리니컬킷과 함께 사용할 수 있는 충전해서 사용할 수 있는 리모컨으로 조절가능한 레이져 포인터 입니다. 

*해외제품이기때문에 220V 젠더를 구매하셔서 사용하세요. USB로 충전도 가능합니다.



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